Films From Bobby’s Childhood – The Parent Trap in Review


Besides geeking out over Once Upon A Time, one of my favourite things to do is watch back old movies I saw frequently in my childhood and teenage years – and see how well they hold up. Blame my addiction to the Nostalgia Critic for that. But here we go. A famous Disney classic from the 60s starring Maureen O’Hara and Hayley Mills. It’s a story about identical twins and the main selling point is that Mills plays both of them – thanks to some nifty camera work and special effects. It’s a huge hit, spawning three sequels. So again in the middle of the 90s, producers at Disney put their heads together. They wonder if they can update the film with a remake. They’ll use more advanced special effects and introduce this classic story to a new generation. Is there any way it’ll work? Hell yeah! I was one of many young kids who crowded into the theatre with their families to enjoy this. So now years later the star has gone off the rails, society has moved on and filmmaking techniques have advanced. How well does The Parent Trap hold up?

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