Films From Bobby Childhood – Dawn of the Dead (2004) in Review

Dawn of the Dead (2004):

dawn_of_the_dead(2004)With House of Wax and Cry_Wolf covered, that’s essentially our slasher movie quota done and dusted. In the lead to Halloween, I now turn my attention to another popular subgenre in horror. The zombie apocalypse was first popularised by George A Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Zombie movies were always common horror fare, but they seemed to explode in popularity in the 2000s. Romero’s own franchise received three sequels in that decade, as well as three remakes of originals (another Night remake happening earlier in 1990). Besides that franchise, the Resident Evil games received their own series of film adaptations. Britain gave us 28 Days Later and the more light-hearted Shaun of the Dead. And eventually along came The Walking Dead to bring this subgenre to television. This was accompanied by more tongue-in-cheek fare like Planet Terror, Slither, Zombieland and Boy Eats Girl. But you might argue that the catalyst for this zombie boom is 2004’s remake of George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

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Films From Bobby’s Childhood – House of Wax (2005) In Review

House of Wax (2005):


So as we edge even closer to Halloween, it’s time to explore another subgenre of horror movies: the teen slasher. The plot is incredibly simple and paint-by-numbers. We have a group of teenagers or else young twenty-somethings. For whatever reason, they’re up to no good (drinking, cursing, underage sex). This leaves them as easy prey for some crazy killer on the loose. The teens will be picked off one-by-one in various creative ways. And eventually only the virginal Final Girl will be able to defeat the killer. My attitude to the following film is alarmingly like the one I have to Van Helsing. I’ve been a lover of slasher films for ages – Scream, Halloween, April Fool’s Day and I Know What You Did Last Summer being some of my favourites. So it’s quite weird that this film was the first slasher I ever saw. I watched this one not knowing the clichés or the formula. This of all things was the film that kicked off my love of slashers.

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Films From Bobby’s Childhood – Cry_Wolf In Review



Halloween is fast approaching, and I make no secret about it being my favourite holiday. I did indeed go through the phase a lot of teens have where they watch nearly every horror movie they can get their hands on. I remember at one point in 2005 I’d watched nearly all of the classics – Friday the 13th, Halloween and the many sequels. So whenever I saw something new advertised, I’d do my best to either buy or rent it (yes this was back when physically renting DVDs from shops was still a thing). This one in particular I was really hyped for when I saw the trailer. When I finally watched it, I didn’t think much of it. However I did remember it over the years and decided to watch it back again – through Youtube video rental interestingly enough. So has my opinion changed?

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Celebrating Five Years of Bronies – Top 25 Friendship Is Magic Songs

So what is it today? What’s the big event the internet is buzzing about? Well nothing if you’re part of the general public. But to a very specific subculture of people, it’s a very significant day. It marks the five year anniversary since the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


Everyone knows about the famous pony toys with brushable manes, that dominated households in the 80s and 90s. Although designed as a gender-neutral toy, they quickly became a hit with little girls. To cash in on this, Hasbro created some movies and TV shows to go along with the toys. Most of them were pretty forgettable…until Lauren Faust came along. Five years ago the former Powerpuff Girls animator was asked to create a new reboot for the franchise. Her intent was to create a show that would appeal to kids and adults, to females and males alike. Five years later boy has she succeeded. The ‘Bronies’ as they’re known, make up a huge community all over the world. They range from average children, to parents of said children, teachers, cops, people with disabilities and even soldiers in the military. Friendship Is Magic has truly swept the world, all down to good writing, lovable characters, important life lessons and music we can’t get enough of. This last point is important; the music composed by Daniel Ingram is one of the most lovable parts of the show. And to celebrate the fifth anniversary, here are my top twenty five songs from the show. Y’know, because 25 is 5×5…


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Films From Bobby’s Childhood – Mean Girls In Review

Mean Girls: 


“Bobby, stop trying to make this Mean Girls review happen, it’s never going to happen…”

“But guys, it’s just so…”

“Don’t say it. You can’t say it. It’s just like the rules of feminism.”

“Come on, guys. It is so fetch.”

“Who do you think you are saying ‘fetch’? I like invented it.”

“Boo, you whore.”


Ahem, as much as I would love to fill this page with nothing but quotes, I do have a review to get through. Mean Girls is a 2004 teen comedy about…well…mean girls. Scripted by Saturday Night Live comedian Tina Fey and based on an advice book about how to survive in high school, it was a significant hit when it came out. All four leading actresses got career boosts from it, and two of them are still notable stars today. But this film faded from the public consciousness for a while…until around 2010-ish. It suddenly exploded into popularity again as more and more people started using social media – especially Tumblr – and became one of the most quoted and memetic films of all time. There is not a single line from this film that cannot be quoted or turned into some kind of meme. Even the fact that I’m posting the review today demonstrates the film’s status – October 3rd is known as Mean Girls Day because it’s the date Aaron asks Cady for in math class.

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