Films From Bobby’s Childhood – Bridge to Terabithia in Review

Bridge to Terabithia:

bridge-to-terabithia-originalI remember back in the year 2007 when today’s film came out. This was right before superhero movies and Young Adult adaptations were dominating the box office. So what was in then? Family fantasy flicks of course! This was at the very height of Pottermania – where all of a sudden adventure novels were what was in. Studios were greenlighting loads of adaptations in the hopes of replicating the success of both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. The Golden Compass, City of Ember, Eragon, The Dark is Rising, Darren Shan and of course the more successful Chronicles of Narnia were among those. That last one is important, as that was produced by Walden Media. And Walden Media made the weird choice to promote this film as a Narnia clone. This film was advertised as a fantasy adventure – which a good amount of people in the crew were not happy with. But it fooled me and got me into the cinema anyway. I didn’t have much of a reaction to the film at the time and I only remembered it once I caught a review by The Nostalgia Critic. But let’s jump right in anyway.


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