Films From Bobby’s Childhood – Clash of the Titans (2010) Review

Clash of the Titans (2010):


So it seems to be a weird thing about remakes and reboots. When it comes to specific genre fiction or ‘nerd stuff’ – to put it bluntly – fans can be especially passionate about the original thing. I remember a friend of mine worrying about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot – claiming he hoped it didn’t ruin the original for him. I always found that a weird idea; that a simple bad sequel/remake/reboot could somehow tarnish the original. I mean, it’s not as if it erased the original from existence. My line of thinking is usually that if it’s good, then I like it. If it’s bad, then I still have the original. After all, Maleficent was pretty bad but it didn’t tarnish Sleeping Beauty for me. It made me appreciate it all the more. So keep that line of thinking in mind as I prepare to review this little piece.


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Films From Bobby’s Childhood – The Hole in Review


I have a rather elaborate story about how this movie and I came to know each other. It was a day like any other in Art class. For some reason we had to cut pictures out of magazines, for use in a collage I think. But I came to a page that was detailing Keira Knightley’s rise to fame. She was just about to star in Pride and Prejudice, and the article was examining all her notable roles beforehand. The first one on the list was about a ‘dark British thriller’ titled The Hole. I looked it up later and thought the synopsis sounded good. But as this was 2005 I couldn’t just walk into a DVD shop and find it. And I was kind of broke so I had to wait until Christmas before I finally got my hands on it. I actually spent a ridiculous amount of time reading up on it, looking at Amazon reviews etc. So I was well read up on all the background information. Needless to say I got up early on Christmas morning and watched the DVD before the sky had even got light. It’s a movie I’ve watched a lot over the years, so why not do a review?

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