Bobby’s Highlights From The Set – King Lear


“The play’s the thing…”

“What’s done is done…”

“What’s in a name?”

Ah, Shakespeare; the only thing on the planet that’s more quotable than Mean Girls. Like most people my age, I had to do Shakespeare in school. The plays I did were The Merchant of Venice, Romeo & Juliet and King Lear. The last one is important – because I revisited it again this year. It was sometime back in June that I saw a casting call for an adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies. I’d always enjoyed the story when I did it in school, and as fate would have it, had skimmed through its TV Tropes page recently – so I was still familiar with the general idea. One of the parts being advertised was the Duke of Albany. He was my favourite character, so a part of me said “well why not?” and applied for the hell of it.

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Bobby’s Highlights From The Set – Crawlers


Going all the way back to March, I saw a casting call for something called Crawlers. They said they were looking for Americans and I happily volunteered with about three clips of me demonstrating said accent. I got an email back saying “actually, I think I want you for the barman instead”. Filming was timed with the very day I was due to fly out to New York – but either luckily or unluckily there were weather warnings so that meant filming was postponed. So I still had my part, and I got to tell everyone about my trip to Hooters. 

Ileana – the unofficial sponsor of Crawlers.

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Bobby’s Highlights From The Set – Stolen City’s “Faces”

I couldn’t rest on my laurels for Worth Fighting For even for a second, since I
had to immediately get home. I crammed some dinner into me at 11 (darn
shirtless scenes!), made sure I had everything packed for the morning and took
half a sleeping pill to ensure that I would not be like a zombie. The music video
was for an up-and-coming band called Stolen City – and I was to be one of three
thugs bullying a transgender girl. Call time was for 8 am, so it was the 6:15 bus
from Ashford to meet everyone in the city. The producer Shireen Langan met
me at Connolly, along with Dave McCabe the lead guitarist and Jamie
O’Herlihy – who would be the protagonist of the video. While in the car,
Shireen showed us a clip of the band’s previous music video for “Miles”, to show an
example of the director’s work. Within ten seconds, I got very excited.

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Bobby’s Highlights From The Set – Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For

Are you sitting comfortably? I’m here to tell you a story. It’s about a young writer, actor and a bunch of other things that aren’t really relevant. Situated in Wicklow, he made the odd decision to go to film school in Carlow of all places. Seemed like a good idea at the time – until college ended and he moved back to Wicklow. There he found that when he got ideas for film scripts, he had trouble rustling a crew together – as most of his contacts lived in the Carlow/Kildare region. After well over a year of failed projects that never got off the ground, he was well and truly in a rut. Then one day he saw three words online that would change his life:

North Wicklow Filmmakers

Will not reveal how long it took to realise what ‘No WiFi‘ stood for.

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