Bobby’s Highlights From The Set – Gold Standard

Gold Standard:

gs 1

In the beginning there was the gold, or the standard of it.

My first role of 2018 came just a few days in. I was sitting at my laptop minding my own business when I got a message from a young filmmaker called Zac Goold. He was directing a short film that was to be shot the very next day. It was to star a friend of mine called Ernie Draper – who I had worked with on Dublin Old School – but he had dropped out last minute and recommended me as a replacement. I read the script, and it opened with my character having a big monologue about how the world was divided into raisin eaters and non-raisin eaters. I was ready to sign on before I’d finished the second page, but I waited until I’d read the whole thing before saying yes.

gs 2
This scene sealed the deal.

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